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Supporting the London Market

At ArgoGlobal we like to take an active role in the development of wider market initiatives, ensuring that ArgoGlobal has an influential role in the direction of the market and supports organisations including the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA).

The LMA represents the interests of the Lloyd's community, providing professional and technical support to its members. The objective of the LMA is to identify and resolve issues which are of particular interest to the Lloyd's market.

The following members of the ArgoGlobal team participate on LMA committees*.

Neil Read Binding Authority Claims Group
Kevin Hutcheon Binding Authority Claims Group
Bruno RItchie Brazil Working Group
John Moffatt Brazil Working Group
Alison Wood
International Casualty Reinsurance Business Panel
Stuart Dale International Casualty Reinsurance Business Panel
Martin French Investment Working Party
Sandra Swan Lloyd's Agency Training Group
Vicky Lefevre Lloyd's Agency Training Group
Vicky Lefevre Lloyd's Human Resource Group
Bruno Ritchie
Lloyd's Market Development Strategy Group
Philip Thorpe-Apps Onshore Energy
John Moffatt Personal Accident Business Panel
Jeremy Shallow Political Risks Committee
Phillip Thorpe-Apps Power Generation
Kevin Hutcheon Property Insurance Claims Group
Jill Unsworth Wordings Forum Principals Group

*Last Updated Aug 2016

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